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House Training For Puppies And Dogs: Quick Tips On Toilet Training

House Training For Puppies And Dogs: Quick Tips On Toilet Training

A comfortable roof, proper care and loving companionship aren't the only necessities in a good Pet-ownership, one of the most important bonding process involves training your Puppy or Dog. An excellent example of basic training— Where and/or when are they to poop or pee? While they are not endowed with the knowledge of where to relieve themselves, one of the first responsibilities we have to take on as Pet owners is teaching/parenting our Puppy or Dog.
Training for Puppies and Dogs
Training a Puppy or new Dog may be tough for the first few months, but all you need is patience, perseverance, and encouragement for your canine pal.

Understanding A Dog's Instinctive Habits

1. Puppy Instincts — Puppies in general are known to relieve themselves 30 minutes to an hour after their meals. It's basic Math: small bladders + small tummies = much more frequent trips to the loo. In case you were wondering, Puppies that grow up with their moms do not face such dilemmas, mothering Dogs clean up after their pups so much, you'd hardly find them in a mess. The habit of defecating at the appropriate time and/or area are often self-taught through imitating their parent(s).
Siberian Huskies
2. Old Habits Welcoming a rescued or adopted Doggo into your life? Check with its previous foster/owner for walk timings, preferred type of loo (i.e. pee pads/newspaper). Growing accustomed to new "house-rules" cannot be immediate, however, gradual adjustments are best introduced beginning with old habits first.

3. Doggy Signals —  If you didn't already know, your Doggo has his/her own unique signal right before they have to defecate or go to the loo! Take some time to observe your Dog's behaviour— a few of the common signs are circling and/or sniffing around the same spot, and even barking. Sometimes, a trained Dog may even resort to scratching the door as a signal to get outdoors, and relieve themselves.
Dog Pooping
What’s your Puppy or Dog's signal?☺

Dog House-Training Methods

1. Confinement  A popular method for owners whom aren't too fond of cleaning up accidental messes around the house. 90% of Dogs won’t defecate where they eat or rest, so please be sure to take them out for walks every 30 to 60 minutes during this training period. This gradually instills in your Pup’s mind that he/she should relieve themselves only when they are outdoors.
Crate Training
Note      Confinement method may not be suitable for all Dogs, especially if your Pooch that has anxiety issues when caged up. Try confinement within a small room instead— like the bathroom or laundry room. Don’t forget to leave enough water and food during meal times!

2. Regular Walks —  Walks serve more purposes than just a daily activity to keep your Doggo healthy, it is also a crucial step in the process of house-training. While training your Dog, walk him/her around the same area they last defecated. More than half the time, Dogs will relieve themselves at the same spots— the scent leftover previously acts as a safe signal. 
Dog Walk

3. Scheduled Times — Developing a habitual routine for meals and walks have proved to be a helpful key to house-training. Only lay out food for meals, and removing the bowls after. Stick to consistent feeding and walking schedules— walks when they are awake, after meals, and before bedtime. You wouldn't want to head to bed with a full bladder, and neither does your Dog!
Puppies eating

4. Efficient Cleaning Accidents are inevitable during house-training, and while cleaning up more often than usual can quite a chore, do take extra precautions in ensuring that the soiled areas around the house is thoroughly cleaned. Remembering that previous scents are often triggers for your Dog to go again at the same spot, clean up the mess with White Vinegar as a natural cleanser and odor-eliminator. This quick and easy home-remedy works even for Pet bowls!

5. Positive Encouragement Training is tough, and even tougher on your Doggos! No matter the frustration, forms of punishments such as yelling, reprimanding or hitting must be refrained. Old school hard-knock methods do not apply here, for you are aiming to build a bond and trust, not fear. Instead, try clapping your hands to surprise them— snap them right out of it, and bring them out immediately to relieve themselves.
Dog Behaviour
Hot Tip      Enforce positive behaviour by rewarding your Dog with treats and praises for a job well done during training!

House-Training Adult Dogs

You may have already trained your adult Dog. Like humans, an ageing Dog also has tendencies of memory loss and physical disabilities. When your adult Dog seems to have forgotten about its training on some occasions, address the following questions:

1. Is there be a Medical issue? — Ageing decreases your Dog’s ability to control their bowels. To be absolutely certain, check with your trusted Veterinarian immediately. Possible medical issues could be related to bladder, kidney, and liver. 

Dog and Human Bond

2. Was your Dog scared by something? — I was so scared, I almost pissed my pants!— a common phrase uttered by folks of today to describe fear and shock. Behaviorists and Experts refer to this behaviour as Submission. This usually happens when a Dog is frightened by something; thunder, is one good example.

3. Was your Dog really excited about something? — Being overly-excited also causes some pooches to urinate. A simple greeting when you're home from work can be extra exciting and stimulating for your canine companion(s), resulting in involuntary relieving. To prevent that, try calming your Dog down when it greets you, especially when you can sense that they are getting way too overjoyed!

4. Was there a Change of Environment? — An abrupt change of environment can make a whole lot of difference for your Dog, give them some time to re-adjust and grow accustomed to their new surroundings. The same applies to a change of schedule for meal times or walks— after hard-wiring a routine into your Pooch, the slightest change requires time to adapt, alongside with your guidance no less!

Bonding With Your Dog

Training your four-legged friend goes way beyond teaching your Pooch acceptable habits, all the compromising and hard work will in turn double up as a meaningful reward for a harmonious relationship between Pets and owners. With a little bit of patience and consistency, the amount of satisfaction and bond is tripled— knowing you and your furry companion have gone through this learning phase together Stick to positive reinforcements during training, don't abuse your Pets! 

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