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Can I Bath My Hamster In Water?: 6 Ways To Keep A Hamster Clean!

Can I Bath My Hamster In Water?: 6 Ways To Keep A Hamster Clean!

There are no silly queries when it comes to obtaining more knowledge, so if you find yourself wondering the same question as above, don't be embarrassed about it. We've all had our fair share of presumptions when we did not know better— Believe it or not, a few types of small animals cannot be bathed in water like a Dog or Cat! Fret not, we're about to uncover ways you can keep your Hammies clean, and how water-baths aren't the best solution!

Why You Must Not Bath Hamsters In Water

Hamsters are tiny creatures that are highly susceptible to colds which develops into pneumonia quickly, hence keeping their bodies dry at all times is of extreme importance. For that, bathing them in water is a definite NO. Additionally, excessive contact with water strips away the natural protective layer on a Hamster's hair and fur, making them much more vulnerable to their surroundings. 
Hamster Care Tips
In retrospect, bathing water-baths have been reported to cause open wounds and boils— causing itch for their sensitive skin. From the itch, Hamsters often wind up gnawing and biting at their sores as they groom themselves.

How To Keep Your Hamsters Clean

To put your minds at absolute ease, Hamsters are actually very fastidious creatures. If you haven't noticed, they clean and groom themselves more than half the time! In extreme circumstances where their fur is stained, dirty or beginning to clump, here are some quick solutions to tidy them up:

1. Bathing Sand — A necessity in every Hamster home. Place a container filled with bathing sand in the cage for them and watch how they tumble, roll and toss around for a good cleaning. This will eventually be they defecate, take a piss, catch a nap or even hide their food. Scoop out waste and replace sand whenever necessary!
How to care for Hamsters

2. Keeping It Fresh — A change of food, water and bathing sand keeps odor to a minimum. Sand bathing can also be held at a separate place outside of the cage, doubling up as a bonding session with you!

3. Pick The Right Bedding — Avoid Pine and Cedar bedding, these tend to attach to their feet, and also lead to respiratory issues. Most owners opt for bedding made out of recycled paper. Pick a bedding that is absorbent, and quick drying. The less moisture there is within the cage, the better!
How to care for hamster

4. Home Cleaning — This comes without explaining, a Hamster's cage and the accessories in it i.e. tunnels, fleeces should be kept clean frequently! Wash cage and items with warm water and soap, and rinse thoroughly. Natural disinfectants such as white vinegar may be used to rid bacteria and urine stench☺

5. Purchase A Soft Brush — Find a soft-bristled brush for regular combing. Not only would enjoy a good massage, you're clearing debris off their fur and hair routinely.
Hamster Care tips and tricks

6. Use A Wet Cloth —  Dampen the cloth and quickly spot clean the affected areas. Towel dry them very thoroughly after that.

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