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Small Parrot Species: The Blue Crowned Hanging Parrot

Small Parrot Species: The Blue Crowned Hanging Parrot

The appreciation for feathered companions has increased significantly over the years. On the contrary to what some may perceive, pet Birds have proved to be just as loving and amusing as a furry pal to avid Bird lovers. Not all pet Birds are large, amongst the various option of species are smaller parrots such as Cockatiels, Budgerigars, Conures, Parakeets, Lorikeets, and Love Birds. One example is the Blue Crowned Hanging Parrot.
Malay Parrot
Love Birds: Monogamous Creatures Of The Bird Kingdom 

The Blue Crowned Hanging Parrot(Loriculus Galculus)

Also known as Malay Parrot or Blue Top Parrot, the name Blue Crowned Hanging Parrot is derived from two significant factors— their beautiful blue crowns, and their habitual behaviour of hanging upside down. Blue Crowned Hanging Parrots can be found in Singapore, and neighbouring countries that include Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia.
hanging parrots
Often sighted flying in groups, in pairs and even alone at times, Blue Crowned Hanging Parrots can frequently be mistaken as other small Bird species— their speed of flight is so quick, you'd have to keep your eyes peeled for that green plumage! In the wild, their preferred habitats are amongst mangroves, low-land forests and gardens. Currently, Blue Crowned Hanging Parrots have become a popular choice of Pet in many other countries, as well as being kept in Zoos of United Kingdom and USA.
blue crown hanging parrot upside down

Blue Crowned Hanging Parrot Appearance

Colour — It is easy to spot a Blue Crowned Hanging Parrot up-close, with their primarily green plumage all around their bodies in different hues. Yellow tinged colouration is also noticeable on their abdomens and underside of their tails.

Features — Males don a vivid blue crown and red throat with black bills. Similar red could be seen at the covert of their tails. Females are usually duller in colour, sporting pale blue crown and very minimal red on their throats and tails, sporting an orangey tint for bills instead. 
blue crown hanging parrot upclose
Size — These birds are relatively small in size, an adult bird can range from 12 to 13 cm in length.

Fun Fact       The same orange bill on Females can also be seen on the young of Blue Crowned Hanging Parrots. 

Blue Crowned Hanging Parrot Personality

When in captivity, we witnessed Blue Crowned Hanging Parrot to be very docile and wary of others apart from their owners. They get along great with members of the same species— often able to accept another species of a relatively similar size or smaller as well. Like most Parrot species, the Blue Crowned Hanging Parrot express their affection by responding well to training i.e. recalling. Gradually growing accustomed to daily routines such as bathing or feeding time can also be expected.
blue crown hanging parrot
 Highly intelligent and receptive, training to perch on and off your hand is said to be quickly achievable. While they are small in size, their calls are distinct sharp, accompanied by short tweedles. After spending some time with them, you'd be able to pick out similar as they fly by.

Caring For Blue Crowned Hanging Parrots

Food — The Blue Crown Hanging Parrot thrives on fruits and seeds in the wild. A good seed mixture, fresh fruits or greens with occasional spray millet treats keeps your Parrots satisfied. Training comes in useful when you begin to consider some free-roaming time around and outside of their cages.

Parrot Friendly Fruits And Greens: What And How To Feed Your Pet Birds
blue crown hanging parrot eating
Housing — Relatively active by nature, Blue Crowned Hanging Parrots enjoy a good climb back and forth and up and down— a good sized cage is most definitely ideal, furnished with ladders, perches and nesting spots i.e. Coconut shell, bird house, etc. Avoid overcrowding your cages with too many Birds.

Hygiene — If you have one or two small parrots, cleanliness of the cage shouldn’t be too much of an hassle. A cluster or more is bound to get messier— a daily rinsing of cage is advised. Clear out all dried fruit pulps, dropped feathers and fecal waste from and around the cage. A fresh change of food and water is equally as important, and baths at least two to three times a week.
blue crown hanging parrot male
Hot Tip      Introduce bathing bowl tall and wide enough with shallow water— Small birds enjoy a good dip from time to time. Mineral blocks or Cuttlefish bone can be placed within the cage for them to maintain their beaks from overgrowing.

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