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How To Tell If Your Pet Bird Is Feeling Sick

How To Tell If Your Pet Bird Is Feeling Sick

A total of TEN clear signs to knowing if your feathered friend is feeling unwell can differ a little from our furry companions, only because Birds are known to hide it just a tad more. However, early tell-tale signs can be picked out in similar ways to that of a Dog, Cat, or Small animal. Most pet Birds are preys in the wild, and when they’re feeling under the weather, they’d try to hide their weaknesses to protect themselves. Fortunately for us, they aren't always very good at hiding it!

Keeping A Close Watch

We can pick out some warning signs through physical and behavioural abnormalities much faster if we have spent enough time bonding with our pet Birds. Through that, we’d grow accustomed to their usual and normal behaviour, however unique to its own. As an owner, you’d know best when it comes to behavioural signs. Dividing these signs into two segments; Behavioural and Physical will help us better understand!

Behavioural Signs

Our pet Birds may have a variety of personalities, quirky, active and being alert is just to name a few. Here are THREE behavioural signs to look out for:

1. Odd Disposition

A healthy bird has a great form, when ill they could pose a imbalanced posture and there’s a high chance they wouldn’t be perched up top due to the lack of energy. Severe conditions would include being unable to walk properly. 
How does a bird sleep
This is a clear sign that your Bird is sick, if your Bird is displaying this symptom, bring them to a trusted Avian Veterinarian immediately.

2. Sudden Inactiveness

Our Fids are usually active, they love a good climb or hop even when they’re in their cages. It is also normally hard to catch them off-guard, so if you notice your Bird isn’t being alert nor interested in its surroundings or favourite treats, there could be a chance it isn’t feeling well. If you can’t put a finger on the cause, visit an Avian Vet right away.

3. Change In Tone

Different Birds have their unique pattern of calls, tunes and way of vocalizing. Being around them most of the time draws you a clearer picture of their usual tones. Sick Birds may have a change in that behaviour, either they go real quiet abruptly, or the tone of their usual callings would sound odd and different. This might be a sign of stress or illness.

Physical Signs

These SEVEN signs are much more visible and easy to notice on our day-to-day basis of cleaning, feeding, bathing or playing with our feathered companions. Keep an eye for these warning signs that point to obvious illnesses.

1. Weight Loss

Weighing your pet bird should be a common practice, as the first sign of constant weight loss clearly indicates a loss of appetite. We can see that our Birds love foraging and picking their feed almost all the time, so any untouched or wasted food is a sign of a sick Birdie. 
Hyacinth Macaw
If their appetite fails to return in a day or two, visit your trusted Avian Vet for help.

2. Unkempt Feathers

There was never a time we do not notice our pet Birds preening, after shower, after meals, and even after we bring them out for a little playtime. 
Bird diseases
They are notorious for being fastidious, so any unusually messy or ruffled up, dull looking-feathers should raise some concerns. Monitor this with other signs and bring them to an Avian Vet if signs persist.

3.  Bad Skin

While very mild flaking could be due to shedding, any uneven bumps or protruding scales are not normal for our pet Birds. Scales should always remain even and smoothed out, and of a healthy colour according to respective species. 
Bird parasites and mites
This could be an indication of mite infestation, and should be checked out with an Avian Vet immediately.

4. Overgrown Beak And Nails

It is very uncommon to see a Bird with overgrown beaks and nails if we practice grooming, especially for larger Birds. Otherwise, certain toys and accessories also serve the purpose of keeping their beaks and nails maintained at proper lengths. 
Overgrown beaks and bills
Any sign of overgrown beak or nails is proof of in-activeness (unable to self-groom) or mites. Visit your trusted Avian Vet immediately.

5. Eyes And Nose Discharge

Another clear sign of sickness in our Birds, healthy Birds have bright, alert and clear eyes. They should not have watery discharge nor swollen looking around their eyes or nose (better known as cere). Eyes should also not appear sleepy or half closed all the time. These are clear indicators that your pet Bird is sick.

6. Open Mouth Breathing

Respiratory issues can be pointed out by odd labored breathing through noticing your pet Bird’s mouth, if it stays opened most of the time, it is suffering from breathing problems. Another sign to watch for is obvious tail-bobbing. Please visit an Avian Vet immediately at the first sign of these.

7. Unhealthy Droppings

As with all types of Pets and living things, we can tell a lot through our fecal waste. While droppings might differ according to what it consumes, a healthy Bird on a good diet should not have extra runny or odd coloured droppings. Any sign of blood is definitely not good. Look out for unusual colouration of droppings such as yellowy, dirty brown or close to black.  

Getting Help From A Professional

Not every Veterinarian is familiar or experienced in dealing with Avian Veterinary medicine, it is important to seek help from those that state their services clearly. If you noticed, we’ve mentioned in almost every sign to seek help immediately, as early detection of any illness for our Fids is the best way to curbing potential issues. 
Avian Vets for Birds
Keep a close relationship with your Pets, this gives us a good idea of their regular behaviours and physical traits. We’d be able to pick out any abnormalities at a much faster rate.

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