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American Curl Cat Breed: Mutated Ears And Cute Personality!

American Curl Cat Breed: Mutated Ears And Cute Personality!

Have you seen a Cat with curled ears, almost like a defective feature? That in fact could very well be the American Curl Cat— a much appreciated Cat breed across the world for their unique, genetically mutated ears and sweet personalities. Quite frankly we’ve only came across one in Singapore so far!

The American Curl

This breed made its first beginnings in 1981, as a stray that appeared at the doorsteps of Grace and Joe Ruga in Lakewood, California— a female American Curl faithfully named Shulamith. Shulamith then gave birth to a litter of kitten bearing similar curled ears. While Shulamith had long hair, one of her kittens had short hair, and a female was passed on to Grace’s sister, Esther.
American Curl Cat Breed
Esther’s female American Curl (named Mercedes) went on to produce her very own litter; a male and a female and gained the attention of her local butcher and Cat Fancier, Nancy Kiester. That began the attempt to establish these unique Cats as a breed, with Mercedes’s offspring duo named Master Luke and Princess Leia
 The first American Curl Cat was exhibited at a Cat Show in California, and thereafter attained Championship Status in 1988 by TICA (The International Cat Association). After much analyzing from professional breeders and Feline geneticists, the American Curl was confirmed to be a unique genetic trait. Both Short Hair and Long Hair American Curls are also recognized by the CFA (Cat Fanciers’ Association). The American Curl Cats we see today are likely descendants of Shulamith herself!

Appearance Of The American Curl

The American Curl is a medium sized muscular Cat of both long and short coat variations and different colour varieties. Long haired American Curls have a lovely plumed tail. Their most distinctive feature is none other than their elusive curled ears, giving them an added touch to their alert and sweet expressions
American Curl kittens

Fun Fact      American Curl kittens are born with straight ears and start curling back from 2 to 10 days old. They then go through a process of curling and uncurling till around 4 months old, when their curls are set for life!

Grooming Requirements Of An American Curl

Due to their minimal undercoat, they do not require very intense brushing, both long and short coats of the American Curl require a weekly brushing— to rid loose hair and maintain a shiny, clean coat. Short coats are known to shed a little more than Long coats, although long coats are known to shed more during warm seasons. Only bath them when necessary; when they’ve been out and you notice that their coats are dirty. Trim their nails and brush their teeth for good dental hygiene.
American Curl Cat breed information
Check their ears regularly for excess wax buildup and clean them out with a Vet-approved cleanser with a cotton ball or cloth. Take note to be gentle with their fragile ear cartilages to ensure that you are not damaging them! If you are unsure how to perform these tasks, approach your trusted Groomer or Veterinarian for advice and demonstration.

An American Curl Cat’s Personality

This is a loving, friendly breed whom adores their human companions. They are also known to adorably give you head-butts as a form of greeting, nuzzling up to you on a chill night or relaxing day. 
How to care for an American Curl Cat
Playful and active, American Curls are also intelligent and are adorably nicknamed the Peter-Pan of Cats— you can find them scuttling around the house and having a go at Cat Condos for a good scratch and climb. Keep your Cats safe and entertained indoors with proper attention and toys. With care and much love, the average lifespan of an American Curl Cat is 12 to 16 years!

Adopt A Cat, Don’t Shop

The lack of research and education leads to many animals getting abandoned worldwide. As with every Pet, preparation, time and effort go a long way to maintain a healthy and happy life for them. If you aren’t ready for the responsibilities to come, avoid the impulsive choice of obtaining a Pet. While exotic breeds are desirably tempting, keep your options open to animals that are up for adoption too, because they can provide unequivocal amounts of love. Always remember that when the demand stops, so will the supply— lesser chances of potential Pet abandonment! 

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American Curl Cat breed
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