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Reiki Healing For Pets: How Reiki Healing Works And Benefits Your Pet

Reiki Healing For Pets: How Reiki Healing Works And Benefits Your Pet

As better Pet ownership and animal welfare picks up, the lifestyle trends involving healthy eating, exercising and techniques have evolved to aid in a better well-being for for your Pet companion(s). We're talking Yoga, Raw diets and even Reiki healing— oh yes, there are a million and one ways to let your Pet enjoy a lifestyle almost as akin to yours now☺
How Reiki Healing works
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If you didnt already know, Animal Communications was established as a form of direct communication with your Pet through a practitioner to better understand their needs. And more often than rather, these services may also involve Reiki Healing.

Just what exactly is Reiki Healing for Pets?

Introduction To Reiki Healing

Reiki is a stress reduction and relaxation technique developed in Japan. Channeled through a trained practitioner, this method of healing enables an overall better energy flow the body. In other words, Reiki is a gentle and painless healing process that focuses on finding one's center and balancing one's inner energy. 
Reiki Healing for Pets
In case you were wondering, Reiki Healing is sometimes paired with pre and post-surgery processes. For a Pet's inability to voice out their discomfort and pain, Reiki Healing has become a huge aid with Animal Rescuers, Veterinarians, Animal Behaviourists and even Pet owners themselves.  

Fun Fact #1      Did you know? Reiki Healing can be carried out by contact between the practitioner's hands and Pet, and also via a slight distance— hovering hands with minimal to no contact, for the ease of some animals.  

Benefits Of Reiki Healing For Pets

During a session of Reiki Healing, don't be surprised to catch your Pet in a calm and relaxed state, coupled with occasional yawning, and even falling asleep. Many believe this to also be the time when the practitioner communicates with the Pet— an attempt to uncover the source of their pains and issues. 
Reiki Healing for animals
How Does Reiki Healing benefit myPets?

- Better Immune System (Post Cancer-Treatments)
- Overall Harmonious Energy
- Stress Reduction & Pain Relief
- Accelerated Healing Processes (Post-Surgery)
- Comforts Anxiety & Fear
- Enhancing Pet-Owner Relationship 

Reiki Healing ultimately promotes gradual results through periodical sessions, with the above benefits reflecting not only in your Pet's physical well-being, but also a sound state of mind, in all-natural processes.
Reiki Healing for Dogs
Fun Fact #2      Owners don't just turn to Reiki Healing for post-op reason, sessions help with behavioural problems too— A happy, healthier and relaxed Pet may be more receptive to training and positive behavioural correcting.

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