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Jersey Wooly Rabbit: The Quiet And Calm Personality With A Wooly Coat!

Jersey Wooly Rabbit: The Quiet And Calm Bunny Breed With A Wooly Coat!

Different breeds for Small animals such as Rabbits are often developed to satisfy the appreciation for unique appearances in the past. Easily mistaken for a Netherland Dwarf Rabbit due to their size and facial features, the Jersey Wooly is a separate breed of Rabbit known for its gentle personality— as soft as their wooly coats, if we may say ☺
Jersey Wooly Rabbit Breed
Where did this wooly Rabbit come from?

Jersey Wooly Rabbit

Jersey Wooly Rabbits may not necessarily have an extensive history like other Rabbit breeds, simply because it is a relatively new breed developed only in the 1970s. A lady named Bonnie Seely from New Jersey was hoping to develop a Rabbit breed that had a calm and even temperament, on top of being tiny with a wooly exterior. Through careful selections of Rbbits with good temperaments, She decided to cross a Netherland Dwarf and a French Angora.
Jersey Wooly Rabbit personality
The breeding result was a compact Rabbit with the size of a Netherland Dwarf, with a wooly but easy-care coat of the French Angora. In 1984 Bonnie began to display and exhibit these wooly Buns in Rabbit shows and conventions. And in 1988, the ARBA (America Rabbit Breeders’ Association) recognized these Buns under the name Jersey Wooly.

Fun Fact #1      If you haven't already guessed, the name Jersey Wooly was inspired by none other than this Rabbit breed's origins— New Jersey!

Jersey Wooly Rabbit Appearance

Size — The small compact bodies of a Jersey Wooly shouldn’t look too bunched-up nor stretched out. A fully grown adult Rabbit of this breed can weigh up to 1.5 kgs.

Features — A Jersey Wooly Rabbit's bold, squarish head has been lovingly nicknamed Mug-Head. Accompanying those heads are small erect ears of about 6 cm long. The distinguished feature of a Jersey Wooly Rabbit has to be its wooly coat of about 4cm, around the whole body.
Colour — Varieties are split into 5 groups, such as:
Jersey Wooly Rabbit Temperament
1. Agouti, which consists of Chinchilla, Chestnut, Squirrel and Opal.
2. Self colour consists of Blue, Clack, Chocolate and Lilac.
3. Broken colours include all colours with White.
4.Shaded consists of Tortoise-shell, Sable point, Seal, Siamese, and Smoke Pearl.
5. Tan-pattern colour, which includes Black otter, Blue otter, Silver Marten and Sable Marten.

Jersey Wooly Rabbit Grooming

Though Jersey Wooly Rabbits have easy-care wool coats, the basic necessity of regular brushing is still required. This helps rid loose hair and keep your Wooly's coat free of matting and tangles. Due to the sensitivity of a Jersey Wooly's skin, avoid using a wire brush. Clean out their ears with a Vet-approved cleanser and cotton balls, trim their nails whenever necessary and check that their genital areas are always clean.
Rabbit groomer singapore
Brushing a Jersey Wooly
Hot Tip      Rabbits do not require water baths, they are extremely stressful and could cause skin irritation. Purchase pet-friendly powder-bath for small animals (not to be confused with sand-baths for Hamsters or Chinchillas). If you have a pet Bunny with bad toilet habits, you may spot clean soiled areas with a damp cloth. Keep your Rabbits dry!

If you do not know how to perform these grooming or maintenance tasks, approach a trusted Veterinarian or Groomer for advice and professional services 

Jersey Wooly Rabbit Personality

While Jersey Wooly Rabbits are developed specifically and known for their sweet, calm, and gentle personality, patience, love and attention go a long way in building a bond of trust. By allowing free-exploration time daily around the house, your pet Rabbits grow accustomed to their surroundings and gradually begins to socialize with other Pets— under your watchful eyes of course!
Jersey Wooly Rabbit information
We'd always like to stress the fact that small Pets such as Rabbits may seem like an excellent choice for a first Pet, and yet they're subjected to abandonment when owners learn of their shy, wary nature and the responsibilities they come with for a small animal. Prior preparation and commitment results in a loving, lasting bond. With proper love and care, the average lifespan of a Jersey Wooly Rabbit is 8 years or more!

Rabbit Housing And Feed

Hygiene — Keep your Rabbits home clean. Fresh food, water and a regular change of bedding and litter is required. Change out their litter trays daily, and replace soiled bedding— leaving them to sit in their own waste could lead up to serious infections.

Litter — Any wired-flooring cage must have a solid flat area for the Bunnies to rest their feet. This prevents sore hocks. If you have a solid flooring cage or living space, ensure that your Rabbits are litter-trained. This can be achieved by introducing a litter pan filled with litter (i.e. wood based pellets) and feeding hay— to entice them.
Jersey Wooly Rabbit breed singapore
Bedding & Toys — Avoid Pine and Cedar wood bedding, these bedding options are known to cause respiratory problems for small Pets and animals. Also provide them with toys for entertainment and ample space for daily exploring. Wooden chew toys are handy in preventing painful overgrown teeth!

Feed — Hay has multiple uses for your Bunnies. Apart from being a choice of bedding for some owners, good-quality Hay is also a staple food source in your Rabbit's diet. Invest in quality hay to provide your Buns with sufficient fiber, alongside the daily dosage of food pellets and greens.

Note to only introduce greens to rabbits above 8 weeks of age. Fruits can also be given in tiny proportions as an occasional snack or treat.

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