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Golden Retrievers: The Gentle Dog Breed With A Coat and Heart Of Gold

Intelligent, Hardworking, Gentle, and Loving All Into One!

The kind and gentle face of a Golden Retriever goes way beyond physical appearances. These Dogs are able to win over just about any heart of a Dog lover. While they can be commonly sighted and widely owned, don't you wonder why and how canine lovers seem to have nothing bad to say about this breed?
Golden Retriever Dog Breed

The Golden Retriever

The first Golden Retrievers were bred in Scotland during the mid-19th century, when Wild Fowl Hunting (the sport of hunting game birds) was popular amongst the rich and noble. They were then bred with the best Water Spaniels— resulting in the breed we know of today. 

Fun Fact #1      The initial Retriever breed did not possess skills to perform the tasks of fetching downed birds from the allocated hunting grounds of both land and water.

The belief of breeding Golden Retrievers involving Russian Trackers was dismissed by precise records of its breeder, Dudley Majoribanks, 1st Baron of Tweedmouth. Gun improvements in the 1800's meant only one thing, the downed game (hunted animals) were further and tougher to retrieve.
Golden retriever fetching fowl
Majoribanks began his conquest of breeding the best ideal hunting retriever breed that were not only active and robust, but also came eqquipped with the ability to perform soft retrievals that did not damage the birds. Golden Retrievers were accepted by The Kennel Club of England in 1903—  first exhibited in 1908 and recognized as an official breed in 1911. 

The first Golden Retriever to be recognised by AKC in America only happened 14 years later, in 1925. Archibald Majoribanks brought his Golden Retriever named Lady to Canada in 1881, gaining recognition only in 1927. 
Archibald Majoribanks

Appearance: Three Types Of Golden Retrievers

Today, breeding for different registry standards has resulted in 3 sub-types of Golden Retrievers, and this is how you can roughly tell them apart.

1. British Golden Retrievers First of its breed with broader skulls and a more muscular body, the British sub-type is meant to be a great sport dog. They generally have a lighter coloured coat and a very chiseled muzzle with dark round eyes. The average height from the withers (tallest point in between shoulder blades to fore legs) of an adult Male is 56 to 61 cm, and Females 51 to 56 cm.

2. American Golden Retriever Darker coat of Gold and a less muscular body. A common standard in many countries, as the requirements are very specific. The American sub-type has slightly slanted, triangular eyes as compared to their British counterparts. Adult Males stand at 58 to 61 cm, Females at 55 to 27 cm.

3. Canadian Golden Retriever Tallest amongst all three types, adult Males stand at 58 to 61 cm, Females at 55 to 57 cm. The Canadian sub-type has thinner coats as compared to American and British sub-types of Golden Retrievers.

Grooming A Golden Retriever

Coat — As their names states, Golden Retrievers are well, Golden ☺. This Gold hue ranges from a shade of Light to Dark. General feathering of hair is light at the back of forelegs. Their necks, bottom of tail, and back of hind legs have heavier feathering.

Fun Fact #2      Top coats are water resistant and has a slight wave to it, while their soft undercoats serve dual purposes— to keep them cool and airy in hot weathers, and warm in cold climates.
Golden Retriever Dog breed info
All types of Golden Retrievers shed lightly all year round. Regular combing and a bath once every month or two keeps their coats clean and healthy. Brushing prevents excessive matting and knotting or their coats. Practice good oral hygiene and make sure their ears are cleaned— with a Vet-approved toothpaste and cleanser respectively. Nails should be clipped before they start to clack on the ground. 

If you are unsure how to perform these tasks, approach a trusted Groomer or Veterinarian for professional service!

Personality Of A Golden Retriever

A gentle giant is what we can observe when we have close encounters a Goldie. Is it still to anyone's surprise that they are indeed loved by the masses?☺ Coupled with high intelligence and a workaholic mind, Golden Retrievers excel in learning tricks, including training for obedience and patience. On top of that, they are also known to be xtremely sociable and great with children and other pets— thus making them an excellent choice for a house Pet.
Golden retrievers and other pets
Though friendly, Golden Retrievers are able to alert their owners when there are intruders or signs of danger. This however, does not imply that they are aggressive. Owners are advised not to overwork their Goldies, for it is easy to take their eagerness to please and hardworking attitude for granted. it’s no wonder they are one of the top choices for Guide Dogs, and Search and Rescue Dogs! With lots of love and proper care, the average lifespan of a Golden Retriever is 12 years.

Fun Fact #3       Any display or signs of aggression by a Golden Retriever during Dog Show immediately disqualifies them! 

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