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Ace Ventura In Singapore: Man With More Pets Than One Could Imagine

Ace Ventura In Singapore: Man With More Pets Than One Could Imagine

Community Feature - Mr Wong Kah Fai isn't a Pet Detective per se, he is an avid animal lover. Proof? Evident from the number of different Pets he has! "I loved animals from a young age. However not having a place of my own had it's complications. It all started after I got my own apartment." This penchant for owning different types of Pets had humble beginnings— two love birds, and a Cat. 
Cute Chinchilla Photos
Dot, one of Mr Wong's many Chinchillas
Having signed-on with the Singapore Navy for 10 years, Mr Wong did not have the luxury of indulging in his love for animals before; he was aware he would not be available to provide enough attention or care for them. A change of job brought about the ultimate opportunity for Mr Wong— his family of Pets expanded. His current home houses a Dog (Tiramisu), a Cat (Happy), a Rabbit (Ashee), a Guinea Pig (Oreo), a Macaw (Zazoo), and four Chinchillas (Dot, Ken, Tin and Mickey). And if that isn't quite the collection for you, there’s also an aquarium full of vividly red Parrot fishes and an Arowana.

He Has The Most Participating Pets At Events

It may be expected that such enthusiasm for animals may well be a nightmare for someone else (at the thought of all the responsibility), but Mr Wong takes great pride in ownership of all his furry, feathered and finned companions. 

Persian Cat Singapore
Happy the Cat, but she responds better to "Mei Mei"
We made our acquaintances during Pets Carnival @ Kallang Trivista, 2017. In case you were wondering, it isn't tough to spot this regular Pet event goer—  Mr Wong can be seen pushing around a Pet pram to fit his Dog, Cat, Rabbit, Guinea Pigs and even crafted the handle into a roped perch for his Macaw. 

We Visit His Home

The best and most uncanny observation we made was how all his Pets could get along with one another. Just how does one manage to achieve that harmonious behaviour? We were well aware that animals of various species may not get along well with one another, and at times, hostility to their own kind is inevitable too. To answer just that, Mr Wong graciously invited us to his home for an exclusive meet-and-greet with his Pets during their weekly play time. This weekly activity does not just serve the lone purpose of letting his Pets mingle, it is also an opportunity for him to spend more time with them.
Rabbit with dewlap
Hi Ashee!
 Prior to that, the intricate process of introducing them to each other isn't as inhumane as one might expect. When asked, Mr Wong said:

"You'd have to take note of the different personalities breeds have, I avoid having breeds that are more inclined to hunt. AlsoI do not force them to mingle right away, you have to get them used to each other's scents. My scent included too!" - he added with a laugh.

But it was no joke, he painstakingly swapped around fleece or towels to-and-fro individual Pets' homes before giving them a wash. A repeated process which he picked up off from how people in other countries reared pet Sugar Gliders.

"Have you heard of Sugar Gliders? This is one way of getting them used to each other, a method I read up on before obtaining my Pets."
Blue and Gold Macaw
Try to spot the all-white Cat underneath the fan
This of course, requires copious habitual routines incorporated into his daily life. Thereafter, he would slowly introduce the Pets to each other individually, not forgetting close supervision during which— a point he stresses deeply. Mr Wong admits that he may not be an expert on animal behaviour, however, through experience and successfully bringing about the harmonious relationship between his various Pets, we couldn’t but accept the fact that he’s done a pretty good job with his own companions.

Sharing Equal Love For All His Pets 

The compelling love this man has for his Pets is evident from the countless amounts of photographs and videos he shared with us while we were at his place— Some Pets that have already passed on, footages of their funny antics caught at the right moments, even those that dated as early as when he first obtained them. Each of which still brings a smile to his face.  
Chinchilla Singapore
Are you looking at me?
I’ve had a Corgi that passed recently, and it wasn’t due to negligence, all of my Pets that have passed on had complications due to old age. They’ve lived a long lifespan before leaving me.” – said Mr Wong with a slight nostalgia in his expression.

Responsibilities That Come With

With a myriad of Pets under his care, the immense amount of responsibility in keeping the home clean for his Pets is inevitable. Truth be told, Mr Wong takes a vacuum through his home all the time, and everyday if possible.  
Guinea Pigs in Singapore
Oreo chilling in a Pet-bed
"Sometimes I have just vacuumed, and minutes later i find clusters of hair or fur drifting along the floors again. It's never ending, but there's no choice..."

Sending each Pet to the groomers would surmount to a costly sum as one might expect, so instead, Mr Wong attends Basic Grooming courses to maintain his companions' hygiene.

The Experience?

What the team took away from this trip was an experience quite unlike any other; if you were ever invited to Mr Wong's place, you can expect: 
Ace Ventura Pet Detective
It was tough to get everyone to stay still for a shot
The very sweet and affectionate Doggo Tiramisu greeting you for pats at every chance she gets, kitty Happy enjoying peacefulness in a corner, Zazoo the Macaw squawking and flaunting his wing span, perched atop a cat condo. Bunny Ashee and Guinea Pig Oreo having fun in the play-tunnels (appearing once in awhile to give you a little sniff), and a curious, scuttling army of four Chinchillas, Dot, Ken, Tin and Mickey, so fast— we'd dare you to try and tell a couple of them apart in just one day!

And as for Mr Wong himself, he's an open minded man with enough experience and knowledge to share with you— if you're keen ☺ Thank you for having us over, Mr Wong!

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