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How To Make A Healthy Fenugreek And Banana Treat For Rabbits

How To Make A Healthy Fenugreek And Banana Treat For Rabbits

If you haven’t heard, word has it that Rabbits go crazy over fenugreek, and this ingredient is also amongst one of the top few to be included in Bunny treats. On top of it all, it boasts health benefits such as Diabetes and Liver protection for your bunnies. Making treats for your Pets is not only satisfying, you can be rest assured that no harmful additives are in those treats.

What is Fenugreek, you ask? Fenugreek is an all-natural herb plant whereby stems, seeds and leaves are all edible food sources when extracted. Most commonly known as a supplement (in tablet forms) to help Mothers increase their production of breast milk. It is also a popular ingredient amongst the Indian community. You can find Fenugreek at Mustafa, an Indian minimart, and most Spice stores.

Fenugreek And Banana Homemade Rabbit Treats

The following recipe and pictures were from,  both recipe and photographs are by Tamsin, a huge Rabbit enthusiast, whom also runs an active Rabbit rescue site in the UK. This is a delectable recipe we think is perfect for all Bun pawrents to try out! Bear in mind that treats are not meant to substitute meals, and should only be fed with absolute moderation.


2 small Bananas

1 tblspoon Fenugreek

2 handfuls Rolled porridge Oats

1 handful dry Rabbit food (pellets)

a splash of water


1. Add fenugreek, porridge oats and banana to a mixing bowl.

2. Collect dust from bottom of rabbit food bag/tub, decide there isn’t quite enough and smush some pellets up to make more.

3. Mix together, adding a splash of water if necessary until it binds together.

4. Put some grease proof paper on a baking tray (the dabs of oil at the corners are underneath to stop the paper rolling up).

5. Break off sections of the mix and roll it between your palms to make a ball.
6. Place the balls on the baking tray and flatten.

7. Place the baking tray in the oven, we tried using the left over heat after cooking a meal but it needed a little longer to dry out completely, so a low heat e.g. 150 Degree Celsius for 30-60 minutes and just keep an eye should do it.

How to make rabbit treats

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This article was written with informational purposes, as you know, we’d love to share our collective finds, research and experiences as fellow Pet owners and lovers from around the world. It is not meant to alternate in any way as advice or diagnosis of Professionals. For the safety of all our Pets, always check with your trusted Veterinarian for any food allergies or health concerns your Pet may have before embarking on a culinary journey for your Pets

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