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The Himalayan Cat

Himalayan Cat Breed Or Colouration

One of our all time favourite Cat has long been the topic of slight confusion, is this Cat actually a breed on its own, or just a colour variant of the Persian Cat? Truth is, research and studies are still ongoing to prove either or. Regardless, this Cat is recognisable anywhere, and if you hadn’t already known, we're talking about the Himalayan Cat

The Himalayan Cat

Also fondly known as Himmie for short, the Himalayan Cat is referred to by many in Europe as the “Colour-point Persian”. This is because the distinctive colouration of a Himalayan Cat is derived from crossbreeding a Persian Cat and a Siamese Cat. What breeders hoped to achieve was a long coat with the point markings of a Persian. The name Himalayan is also used to refer to other animals with similar colouration, such as the Himalayan Rabbit.

Himalayan Cat Pet Singapore
The first study and test was conducted by Dr. Clyde Keeler of Harvard University and Virginia Cobb in the 1930s, the Himalayan Cat was referred to as Siamese-Persian then. Breeding efforts began in the 1950s by Mrs Marguerita Goforth in USA, and received recognition by CFA (Cat Fanciers’ Association) by the name Himalayan.

Himalayan Cat Pet Singapore
Though Himalayans compete at shows under their individual division, some major Cat registries still do not recognize them as a breed, but more of a variation of the Persian Cat. This may be caused by the back and forth consistency of earlier-bred Himalayan Cats.

How Does A Himalayan Cat Look Like?

Himmies are a medium to large sized Cat, with a body structure similar to that of a Persian Cat (strong body with slightly short legs). But in certain cases where more of the Siamese genes are portrayed, their legs may be a little taller.

Himalayan Cat Pet Singapore
Himalayans don long, thick coats of a Persian with vividly blue eyes, and they are also separated into two types of faces; the Peke-face (Persian trait, short “flattened” face and nose with large round eyes) or Doll Face (longer muzzle and smaller eyes). Despite their distinctive colour point markings, Himmies can be found in Seal, Blue, Lilac Flame Chocolate and Cream points, with Lilac and Chocolate as the rarest finds!

Grooming Needs

A stunning lush coat of a Himalayan Cat does not come without maintenance efforts, combing and brushing almost every day prevents the long hairs from matting and forming tangles! They also reuire regular baths (at least once a month), and eye cleaning especially for Peke-faced Himmies (don’t let those tears form build ups or stain their pretty coats).
Himalayan Cat Pet Singapore
Peke-faced Himmie
As always, clean out their ears with a Vet-recommended ear cleaner and trim their nails whenever necessary (once a week or so). If you do feel your Himmie may be in need of a little hair trimming, pop by a trusted Groomer for an all-in-one cleanup (we wouldn’t mind spending a little to ensure a Himmie’s coat stays FABULOUS ☺)

What Is A Himalayan’s Personality Like?

A Himalayan Cat’s personality is sweet and as pretty as they look, be it Peke-faced, or Doll-faced. You can expect an active, playful Cat that is also gentle, loyal and loving all at the same time. With their soft voices, they can be a little more vocal than a Persian, but only be heard when they want to be fed, or when they’re yearning for some attention.

Himalayan Cat Pet Singapore
Although it does not take much to keep a Himmie entertained, it is important to note that they can’t stand to be neglected (though if you’re busy, they’d love being nearby, chilling on a couch or the floor) This is one Cat to admire, and be admired in return. Since they are not much of jumpers nor climbers, a serene home is much more suitable for this indoorsy Kitty, keep your Himmies safe at home with toys and loads of love!

Owning A Himalayan Cat In Singapore

We have not seen many Himalayan Cats around, which could be a good thing (we’re hoping they’re all kept safely at home). These Himmie Cats do not come cheap, unless you’re lucky enough to meet a rescued one at a local shelter. They do require more effort than other Cats for grooming maintenance, please ensure that you have done all necessary research and preparations to provide a safe, happy home for your Pet(s). With proper care and love, Himalayan Cats have an average lifespan of 9 to 15 years or more!

Adopt, Don’t Shop

Specific breeds are great, but we could say the same for all other crossbreeds and rescued strays. Before you head off to purchase a Pet, always keep an eye out for adoption drives or check out local shelters and groups for more options, you could always count on finding your next sweet kitty and providing a forever home for a rescued furry pal

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