Sunday, April 23, 2017

Homemade Coconut Dog Treats

Homemade Coconut Dog Treats

So we introduced a simple recipe which involved the freezing of coconut milk and handing them to our pooches as a Pupsicle, and boy it was a hit. We couldn’t help noticing how much our furry pal loved coconut, even coconut oil, which is apparently excellent for their coats! We give him about a teaspoon per day.
If you’ve never smelled Coconut oil before, just imagine getting a good whiff of Kueh Bangkit (It smells exactly like it!) So we were totally drawn to try this recipe we found on 
Human friendly too!


Coconut Delight DIY Dog Biscuits



3 cups Brown rice flour

1 cup Coconut flour

1 cup Coconut water

2 Eggs

2 tablespoons Honey

2 tablespoons Organic virgin coconut oil



1. Preheat Oven To 350º(approximately 177 Degree Celsius)

2. Line 2 baking pans with parchment paper.

3. Add the rice flour and coconut flour to a large bowl and whisk them together.

4. Make a well in the centre of the flours.

5. Add beaten eggs, honey, coconut oil and coconut water.

6. Mix until combined and then knead it for a few minutes until you form it into a smooth dough ball.

7. Roll the dough ball out to about ¼" in thickness.

8. Cut shapes out with a cookie cutter and place on parchment lined baking sheets.

9. Bake in 350º (approximately 177 Degree Celsius) oven for about 20 minutes.

10. Keep an eye on them as everybody's oven can be different which could alter baking times.
Don’t they absolutely remind you of Kueh Bangkits? Now before you start off, take note of these pointers from the author on ingredients too:

“When buying your coconut water, read the label on the bottle. Make sure that the only ingredient it has is "coconut water."

“Storage ~ One week in refrigerator. Up to three months in freezer”

- Proud Dog Mom

Have a pawsome weekend folks!