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Did You Spot An Abyssinian Cat In Our Streets?

Did You Spot An Abyssinian Cat In Our Streets?

Like the SingapuraCat and the Bombay Cat, many of these amazing Cat breeds have all been passed by or not even given a second look. Little did we know, these some of our local community Cats are actually well recognised Cat breeds in the world, and the Abyssinian Cat breed is another example of stray that has a rich history and wonderful personality we may not have realised.

The Abyssinian Cat

Though the origins of the first Abyssinian Cats are still shrouded in mystery, the name of this breed is derived from the first Abyssinian to ever be exhibited at the Crystal Palace Cat Show in England, 1871. The name of this Cat is Zula, and is thought to have been imported from Abyssinia (now known as Ethiopia), North Africa. Zula was also reported to be the first Abyssinian Cat captured during the late Abyssinian War and took 3rd place in the Crystal Palace Show. Reports of the show was published in 1872, ad rumours of the Abyssinian Cat being Cats of Pharaohs were spread.
Abyssinian Cat behaviour
Some rumours also described how the appearance of the Abyssinian Cat was achieved from cross-breeding the British Silver and Browns. While Cat fanciers from America imported some Abyssinians to America during the 1900s, serious breeding programs only began in 1930s, with more Cats being imported from Britain itself. This was thought to be a good things, because only about a dozen Abyssinian Cats survived the World War II in England! The modern Abyssinian Cats we see today were most likely bred from Britain Abyssinians.

What Does An Abyssinian Cat Look Like?

With similar trademark coats like our local pride the Singapura Cat, Abyssinians have tickled hairs and a slender, slim and fine-boned frame. The only difference here is that an Abyssinian Cat is medium sized. They have large and alert pointed ears with almond shaped eyes that are either Gold, Copper, Green or even Hazel, depending on their coat colours. Not forgetting their tapering long tails.
Abyssinian Cat facts
Their tickled coat should be even throughout, besides the fact that their spine, tail and back of hind legs are usually noticeably darker in shade. Standard shade is referred to as Usual or Ruddy, this shad entails a dark reddish brown and black tickling patterns. Another shade is the Sorret, Cinnamon or Red, which is a lighter copper base with chocolate tickling.

Fun Fact      All Abyssinian Cats are born with dark colours, these coats lighten as the kitten matures, usually in a few months!

Grooming Requirements Of An Abyssinian Cat

The short, silky coat of an Abyssinian Cat does not require massive maintenance, but they do still require the usual combing to help them rid loose hairs and baths to keep their coats shiny and clean. Trim their nails once they’re long, which would be every 2 weeks or so.
Abyssinian Cat Breed facts
Clean out their ears with a Vet approved cleanser and cotton balls. Additionally, practice good dental hygiene by brushing their teeth with a Pet tooth brush and Vet-approved toothpaste. If you are unsure of how to perform these tasks, approach your trust Veterinarian or Groomer for advice and demonstrations!

Personality Of An Abyssinian

Also known as the clowns of the Cat Kingdom, Abyssinians are extremely inquisitive and active, and they love their owners. They often get so attached to their owners and won’t stand being neglected or have no activity to entertain themselves. So if you are looking for a calm and still kitty for your home, an Abyssinian may not be the best choice.
Abyssinian Cat Behaviour
Instead, if you are looking for a cleverly entertaining and loving furry companion, you can expect an Abyssinian to provide hours and hours or play time and even be able to teach them a trick or two, their intelligence make them excellent learners!

Owning An Abyssinian Cat In Singapore

Before obtaining a Pet, be sure to research and prepare for the commitments and responsibilities you have to face when you are looking after the Pet. A lot of times, animals are often left neglected and poorly looked after, leading to abandonment cases when they fall ill or Pets running away. Especially with Cats, it is crucial to understand your feline’s needs while keeping them safe indoors.
Abyssinian Cat Behaviour Singapore
Keep your Cats happy and safe indoors by meshing up your doors and windows, providing brain stimulating toys, and high spots for them to watch their surroundings, climbing posts and a good diet. These are pointers which may differ accordingly to the Cats’ personalities of course. With lots of patience, care and love, an average Abyssinian Cat lifespan is 9 to 15 years or more!

Adopt, Don’t Shop

Specific breeds are great, but we could say the same for all other crossbreeds and rescued strays. Before you head off to purchase a Pet, always keep an eye out for adoption drives or check out local shelters and groups for more options. You could always count on finding your next sweet kitty and providing a forever home for a rescued furry pal


This article was written with informational purposes, as you know, we’d love to share our collective research and experiences as fellow Pet owners and lovers. It is not meant to alternate in any way as advice or diagnosis of Professionals. If you do wish to use any of our published information, you are welcome to contact us!


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