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Caique Parrots: The Parrot With Humour And Intelligence

Caique Parrots: The Parrot With Humour And Intelligence

There are many Parrot species that are great at amusing their owners in many ways, however, there is just one breed notorious for being playful and mischievous. To match that trait, their personality and colours are equally as bright and vibrant!

The Caique Parrot

Originated from the Amazon Basin and South America, the Caique Parrot had two types identified initially, the Black-faced/head and the White-Bellied. Further study and research confirmed that the White-bellied Caique Parrots could be categorised into 3 different types accordingly to their leg colouration and plumage.
White Bellied Caique Parrot
White Bellied Caique
The three types of White-bellied Caiques were the Green-thigh (Endangered), Yellow-tailed (Vulnerable), and the Black-legged. Today, the two types of Caique Parrots commonly kept as Pets are he Black-legged and Black-faced/head. Caique Parrots are known to nest and roost in flocks of 10 and even 30, playing and foraging amongst the tall canopies of forested areas.

Caique Parrot Appearance

Most recognisable by their colour combination of Green, Yellow/Orange, Black and White. Naturally, the Black-faced Caique has a Black head, however the White-bellied (black leg) doesn’t exactly have black legs, instead, they have prominent Orange-yellow faces and the signature White belly (wonder how the name came about).
Caique Parrot personality
All types of Caique parrots have a stocky body and measure an average length of 23 centimetres, weighing from 150 grams to 170 grams (pretty heavy for their size, according to some owners) They fall under the Medium sized group.

Caique Parrot Personality

, Caique Parrots are also known as Clowns, with their big playful and cheeky personalities. Though they may not pick up speaking, Caique Parrots are highly vocal and have the habit of mimicking noises they hear everyday instead. As compared to other Birds and Parrots in the air, Caique Parrots are not the best flyers, in fact their most preferred forms of movement besides walking include running, jumping, hopping and climbing. They have very strong legs for that!
Two other unique behavorial traits are actions referred to as Surfing and Wrestling. Surfing involves a Caique Parrot rubbing themselves on soft surfaces such as blankets, curtains, or any form of cloth. Wrestling on the other hand, refers to a Caique Parrot and it’s love for lying on it’s back while playing. Caique Parrots are lovable, affectionate and highly intelligent birds that are not recommended for Beginners. They regard dominance highly, and any sign of being timid around them might render a nipping. Lots of training and socialisation is needed!

Caique Parrot Care

Being an active, medium sized Bird, Caique Parrots require a cage of ample space to move about and play, including sufficient storage for toys(i.e. ropes, swings, ladder, bells), perches, food and water bowls. Fresh Food and water is to be provided every day. Calcium block or Cuttlefish bone aids in keeping their beaks and nails in check.
Caique Parrot Personality
A good Caique Parrot diet consists of seed mixture or pellets and a fresh supply of Fruits and Veggies. They love baths, so you may bath them using a hand held shower, or by simply including a bath bowl in the cage. Make sure you change out the water daily and keep their space clean!

Owning A Caique Parrot

If you are familiar with Bird keeping and you have the patience and enjoy training a Pet bird, the Caique Parrot can turn out to be more than just an amusing companion, but also a loyal and loving Pet that is capable of tricks you teach. 
Funny Caique parrots
They can get rather noisy and lonely, so it’s best advised to have them in pairs. As always, do your research and preparations prior to getting a Pet, and be certain of your lifelong commitment to the responsibilities and lives. With proper care, effort and love, an average lifespan of a Caique Parrot is 25 years or more!

Adopt, Don’t Shop

While intelligent Pets are attractive and fun, they should not be subjected to trade. Did you know that the overwhelming Pet trade has resulted in the endangerment of Parrot species in the World? So if you ever encounter a chance to save one instead of buying, please do so! 
Caique Parrot behaviour
We have met many individuals that have enjoyed the bond they have established with their pet Birds of all sizes and species, and although all of them may not have been adopted, we are certain that they were mostly rescued and are being well taken care of, just ask anyone in the local bird groups! In efforts of gathering the avid Parrot appreciators and lovers, these groups frequent Pet events and conduct gatherings, like Parrotopia and even Pet Carnival at Kallang Trivista!

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