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Cats Of Instagram: Adorable Feline Photos To Boost Your Productivity

Cats Of Instagram: Adorable Feline Photos To Boost Your Productivity

Aren’t Cats just the most intriguing creatures ever? Well these owners will prove just how mesmerizing their feline companions will be through many different breeds, and how their everyday lives are just much more vibrant with their pet Cats around. While it isn’t anything out of the ordinary for Humans to have social accounts, many can’t help but begin to include their Pets in this social equation too. Our  Pets may not be able to communicate through words, but these lovely Instagram account shows us just how special moments can be captured, and spending a little more time with them
Cute Cat Photos
Did You know, looking at pictures of Cats is actually therapeutic too?

Years ago, the Hiroshima University conducted a study which has proven that the human productivity at work can be greatly affected just by looking at adorable baby animals. “The Power of Kawaii…” put a group of female and male student through the test with a series of questions, measuring their productivity levels before and after they looked at cute photographs of baby animals (view research source) So while you’re at work, you might wanna catch a quick break and skim through these TWELVE Cats on Instagram!

First to top the list of celebrity Cats on Instagram is none other than Nala, a Siamese x Tabby mix. Adoptee and internet sensation, with her compelling story on educating the world on the harsh truth about overcrowding in shelters and Pet abandonment.

— 3.5 M Followers
A post shared by nala_cat™ (@nala_cat) on

A British-shorthair Cat whom is a dear friend of Nala, and a recent cancer survivor. Coffee (or Mr.White) was unfortunately diagnosed with Lymphoma in 2016, thankfully he received a tremendous amount of love and support from followers, and has successfully gone through treatment!

— 1.5 M Followers
A post shared by White_coffee_cat (@white_coffee_cat_) on

3. Lil Bub

Follow this little courageous kitty whom was born with a myriad of birth deformities, and being almost unable to walk or move about. She was fortunately adopted by her loving owner, and now lives a happy live with four other adopted Cats. Lil’ Bub will always be the special survivor in the hearts of many, as the lil kitty that could!

— 1.6 M Followers
A post shared by Lil BUB (@iamlilbub) on

Meet the lady feline with two faces, and a single blue eye. Venus’s equally divided colouration on her face remains a mystery till now, but that does not deter fans on Instagram from showing their love, in fact, her unique face is exactly why people love her!

— 1.3 M Followers

5. Smoothie The Cat

Meet Smoothie, the Cat with unbelievably good looks. There seems to be no way you could snap a bad photo of this kitty, have a look yourselves! Btw, Smoothie's pal Milkshake is just as breathtaking.

— 1.2 M Followers
A post shared by @smoothiethecat on

6. Coby The Cat

One of our many favourites, Coby is an all white kitty with clear blue eyes and jet black rims (eyeliners). We fell in love with Coby a few years back, and still can't get enough of this beauty!

— 1.1 M Followers 
A post shared by Coby The Cat (@cobythecat) on

Well hello there Sir! Hamilton here has the best and natural moustache any kitty could ever have. We’d say, if we were female kitties, we’d probably be charmed over and over again by Hamilton.

— 762 K Followers
A post shared by - Hamilton The Hipster Cat - (@hamilton_the_hipster_cat) on

We are so glad to see that Roku has found a wife, Hachi. Watch the daily tales of Roku and Hachi, and their many funny antics. He is so human-like it is unbelievably adorable.

— 567 K Followers
A post shared by Roku Roku (@rokuthecat) on

It is tough not to fall in love with this peke-face beauty, also known as Snoopy the Exotic Shorthair Cat. Get mesmerised by this kitty’s huge round eyes and oh-so-cute costumes!

— 358 K Followers
A post shared by SNOOPY·babe (@snoopybabe) on

Need we say more? Okay, Sam HAS eyebrows, and we mean it, just take a look for yourselves! Now we can’t keep our eyes peeled off this phenomenon, can you? Join this unique looking Kitty on his daily adventures, because fans can’t get enough of the saddest brows a Cat could never have.

— 237 K Followers
A post shared by Sam (@samhaseyebrows) on

11. Ryotukoro

Join P-chan, Tina and Nya-san on their charming photo-journal that is just so calming to look at. Interesting and different photography on a new level with Cats indeed.

— 209 K Followers

This account originally belonged to Sophie (R.I.P), and is now a photograph journal of her brother, Louie, whom is just as charming and sweet!

— 133 K Followers
A post shared by Introducing... Louie (@sophielovestuna) on

Adopt Don’t Shop

The lack of research and education leads to many Pets getting abandoned worldwide. As with every Pet, preparation, time and effort goes a long way to maintain a healthy and happy life for them. If you aren’t ready for the responsibilities and commitment to come, avoid the impulsive choice of obtaining a Pet. The above are some examples of great Pet ownership, it isn’t tough to make life pleasant for your furry pals by your side!

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