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How To Make Wonderful Rabbit Treats With Banana

How To Make Wonderful Rabbit Treats With Banana

Homemade Rabbit treats are a joy to prepare for your little furry ones, and Bun lovers everywhere would tell you that one of their favourite fruity snack is none other than bananas! Sadly, bananas aren’t the safest of treats, due to its high level of sugar and carbs. Rabbits have to kept to a strict diet of mainly premium Hay, followed by food pellets and greens. Fruits can only be given as special treats once in a while. So before we get carried away with feeding them bananas (which they’d happily munch away on), here are a few things to note.

Are Bananas Safe For Rabbits?

Yes they are, bananas are loaded with Potassium, but as it goes for all types of treats for all Pets, moderation is key. Treats are not meant to substitute meals in any way, but could come in handy for training or a special pampering Owners and experts have suggested the rule of thumb to be no more than a small slice of banana per day for Rabbits. 
Recipes for Pets
In case you were wondering about banana peels, they are consumable as well, but many Bun owners are adamant against it. There is a risk of your Buns ingesting harmful chemicals from the peels, such as pesticides. Without further or do, we will be introducing two useful recipes with bananas in them, a great way to combine healthy treats along with a hint of banana!

Bunny Rabbit Treats

A recipe that we absolutely adore and one of the best-looking treats is from Food, written by Sandi for her pet rabbit, Bunneh. It has the combination of Bananas, Carrots, pellets and oats! Seriously, these treats look just like miniature carrot cakes.
Homemade rabbit treats

Homemade Rabbit Treats

Another easy recipe that three ingredients of Banana, pellets, and Carrots. Affordable and safe treat found on Instructables, written by Alannah. This recipe also allows you to make full use of the powdered-pellets at the bottom of the bag!
homemade rabbit treat recipe

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