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Japanese Spitz Dog Breed: The Playful, Fox Like, All White Dog

Japanese Spitz Dog Breed: The Playful, Fox Like, All White Dog

Are you someone with an innate love for all-white animals? Even if you don’t have a particular fancy for that, most of us would agree that it is undeniably hard to overlook the elegance and beauty of these snow-white coats— That’s exactly what crosses our minds when we see a Japanese Spitz. You’d wanna stroke them immediately, even if it’s just to feel that fluff between your fingers
The all-white coats accentuates their darker toned facial features, don't you think?

The Japanese Spitz

The given name of this Dog breed clearly indicates that these Spitz originated from Japan, although some sources may dispute that fact. It is true however, that Japanese breeders only began developing this breed from 1920s to 1930s. This development of the Japanese Spitz started with crossbreeding a number of different Spitz type Dogs together— and in 1921, the Dogs were first exhibited in a Tokyo Dog show. During 1925 to 1936, smaller white Spitz breeds were imported and introduced into the breeding program, in attempts to further improve this breed. The first breed standard of the Japanese Spitz was written after the World War II.
Samoyed vs Japanese Spitz
Left: Samoyed, Right: Japanese Spitz
 By nature of course, the Japanese Spitz was first recognized by the JKC (Japan Kennel Club). Soon after the breed gained popularity in 1950s, Japanese Spitz Dogs began to spread worldwide— beginning with European countries first. This Dog breed was only introduced to America in the 1970s. Although the breed is recognized by many other Dog Registries across the world, its similarities with the SamoyedAmerican Eskimo Dog and White Pomeranian has rendered the AKC (American Kennel Club) unable to recognize the Japanese Spitz as a breed of its own.

Fun Fact #1      The Japanese Spitz is usually fondly referred to as a “Mini Samoyed”. Well in our eyes, it’s a much larger all-white Pomeranian— Because Spitz family, right?

Japanese Spitz Dog Appearance

As we've mentioned earlier, encountering a Japanese Spitz is unequivocally similar to starring at an eternal wonderland of snow; the whiter, the more effect.

Size — Medium sized Dog measuring 25 to 40 cm in height, differing in gender (females are usually slightly smaller). The average weight of an adult Japanese Spitz ranges from 5 to 10 kgs.

Features — Lush and dense double coat of pure White hair, accompanied by a handsomely wedged face. To top these, their eyes, lips foot pads, nails and nose are complimentary contrasted with Jet Black. Almost too dreamy, we must say.
Happy Japanese Spitz Dog
  Japanese Spitz's eyes can also sometimes be a shade of Brown, but nonetheless sitting bright and  oval shape with white lashes!

Colour — The Japanese Spitz breed is distinctive for one colour — White.

Fun Fact #2      The pretty oval eyes of a Japanese Spitz are adorably referred to as ginko nuts ☺

Grooming A Japanese Spitz

One might think that a pristine coat as such would require a lot of effort to maintain. On the contrary, you'd be elated to know that dirt and dust do not adhere on these luscious white coats. However, regular brushing is still especially required because of its medium to long length— Using a slicker brush, deep comb through your Japanese Spitz's double coat once a week, or twice during shedding periods (twice a year). This helps to rid any loose hairs and prevent matting and tangles.
Keep their coats clean and fresh by running them through a bath once every few months or whenever necessary. Nails are to be trimmed occasionally, and should not be heard clacking on the ground.

HOT TIP      To avoid obvious staining around the eyes and mouth, check for tearing and/or food remenants regularly. Using a cotton ball and Vet approved cleanser, swab these areas carefully. Also check their ears for buildup, and repeat the above cleansing steps.  

If you are unsure of how to perform these tasks, visit a trusted Groomer for professional grooming services.

Japanese Spitz Personality

Japanese Spitz Dogs are active and playful. They eventually develop loyalty and devotion to their owners and require a lot of attention— However, this breed of Dogs are extremely adaptable and versatile to various living conditions i.e. apartment space. If you do live in an apartment, be sure to include regular walks and play time outdoors. Their eagerness to please has many owners realizing just how much potential fun their Japanese Spitz had in them all along, even during training!
 Due to their territorial nature of being wary to unrecognized people, Japanese Spitzs are surprisingly gret guard Dogs. While it may take some time for them to get used to relatives and friends, this cab be overcome gradually with frequent encounters. Proper training and bonding ensures you a loyal companion protecting your home at the same time!

Fun Fact #3      A Japanese Spitz can live an average of 10 to 16 years, making them one of the Dog breeds with the longest lifespan!☺

Owning A Japanese Spitz

Human holding a Japanese Spitz puppy
Charming and lovable, Japanese Spitz Dogs are hard to pass up, even more so for their quick adaptability to living spaces. Research and preparations are still necessary beforehand, it is also important to not ignore a Japanese Spitz need for quite a bit of attention. When neglected or not properly trained, they may become territorial with their owners and become destructive. Don’t neglect your Pets, bring them out for a good time!

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