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Why Our Dogs And Cats Love Sleeping With Us: Reasons And 4 Solutions To Problems

Why Our Dogs And Cats Love Sleeping With Us: Reasons And 4 Solutions To Problems

Are you guilty of sneaking your pet Dog or Cat into bed sometimes? ☺ You're not alone! We can’t help but sleep with our Doggos and Kitties— what's wrong with cuddling our favourite fur-pals? We even find that to be a great source of comfort, and also a time for building close bonds with our Pet companions.
Sleeping with my Pets in bed
While we aren't encouraging against it (because we're guilty of doing so ourselves), you might have already noticed a few issues during isn't as peaceful as we'd expect. Before we delve into the problems, do you ever wonder why our Dogs or Cats love sneaking into bed with us?

Why Do Our Pets Love Sleeping With Us?

Dogs — Being friendly, affectionate and sometimes clingy by nature, our Canine companions are often likely to yearn for our attention. In hind sight however, this is also because we as owners are viewed as a family member of the pack! Being close by you at all times is their form of family-protection, watching over you at any chance they can get— even in bed.
happy bulldog

Cats — The similar theory applies to our Feline friends as well. We're no strangers to hearing or even experiencing how Cats adore resting their bodies near us, and at times even waking up to a Cat's butt comfortably resting on our faces. If you observe a little more, you might notice that they'd do the same unto other Cats too!— Even piling on top of one another during sleep. This is commonly referred to by the term Clowders.
Can I sleep with my cats

Common Issues Encountered

As mentioned, sleeping with our Pets may bring many beneficial factors to an otherwise pretty uneventful bedtime, and even provide a sense of security and comfort for young children— Encountering the following issues can be unfortunately unpleasant at the time of rest.  

Are you facing these problems too?

Noise — Teeth grinding and snoring are just some of the many noises humans make whilst asleep, and likewise, our Pets are capable of making noises too. Common Pet sounds like chewing, snoring, licking and even rustling of bed-sheets can suddenly be amplified in the dead of the night. Not forgetting the whining and meowing if they're needing something! These could eventually become problems for a light sleeper, especially.

Movement — It must come to no surprise that Dogs can get pretty restless at times, more often than they may realize. There's a constant need to search for a sweet spot, in the most comfortable position. Otherwise, they could be getting off and on the bed, inevitably from smells and distractions.
Nocturnal Cat behaviour
With Cats however, it may be a tall order to avoid movements totally— Yes, they nap a lot in the day, because they're nocturnal after all. With their most active hours occurring during our sleep, they're also notorious for coming and going as they please, eventually waking you. 

Bed Hogging — This is when all boundaries has been surpassed by comfort. You find more than half of your bed space being occupied by your furry companions, sprawled out on all fours, or finding a spot to squeeze in between. Naturally, this leaves minimal space and owners trying to sleep in awkward and/or uncomfortable positions.
Sleeping with my Cats

Solutions For A Peaceful Night's Rest

Just how are we supposed to pry ourselves away from this sweet-tender activity altogether? We are after all, creatures whom thrive on intimacy and touch. However, if these furry cuddles at bed-time begins to affect your good night's rest, you might want to try the following solutions.

1. Alternating — Try reducing the number of days your Pets sleep in with you, i.e. alternating those days! Weekends or Off days, or just simply on days you could use a warm hug in bed ☺

2. Separate Beds — Perhaps you could consider your Pets their own individual beds. We've got a vast pool of designs to choose from now, even those with ergonomic purposes. Place these Pet beds in your bedroom, at the closest proximity to your bed as possible. Ensure the Pet beds are not placed in a spot where you might accidentally step on whilst getting out of bed!
Is it good to sleep with my dog
Hot Tip      If your pets are not used to sleeping in their own beds, try placing their favourite toys in the Pet beds to coax them into feeling more comfortable with their new sleeping abodes.

3. A Tired Pet — Making sure your pets have adequate exercise does not only ensure that they are living healthy, its also a solution to tire them out at the end of the day! This prevents them from being restless in bed, and you can be guaranteed a sound sleep too. As for Cats, try putting away the noisy toys— this deters the chances of them scuttling around your bedroom, chasing after these toys.
Sleeping With Pets

4. Routines — Just like us humans, you pets will get up to relieve themselves if they're having a heavy bladder, or if they are hungry. Always ensure your Dogs get their daily walks in the evening, and your cats well fed. If you have those down pat in everyday routine, it should prevent them from getting on and off the bed, from hunger or the loo!

Well if you do not face any issues sleeping with your beloved Furries, that's just awesome news☺Cheers to more cuddle time, from the minute you wake and hit the sack at night— only the warmest, fuzziest feeling ever!

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